High Temperature Pin On Disc Tribometer

High Temperature Pin on disc Tribometer
Imperial High Temperature Friction & Wear test machine is a Pin-on Disc type machine,

versatile, designed to study the Friction & Wear properties in sliding contacts. Sliding occurs between a stationary pin/ball and a rotating disc at a fixed rpm / speed (continuously variable). The Disc is driven by a 2.67 HP motor capable of running at 0 – 2000 rpm. The stationary upper specimen Pin holding the ball of the reqd. diameter can be loaded manually (or Automated by the software optionally). Precise Loading can be done manually or thru software (in automated version). Piezo electric sensor is used for the measurement of Frictional force. The rotating disc can be heated upto 650 deg C. Normal Load, rotational speed & wear track diameter can be varied. The Load, Frictional Force, Temperature (disc & PIN) & rpm are digitally displayed.

  • The Mechanical unit:
    Comprising the hardware, test-setup housed in a sealed chamber for gaseous environment around the sample.
    Instrumentation & Control Panel :
    Housing the electronics amplifiers & displays
    PC & DAQ software:
    With Data Acq. System
    Parameter Units
    Pin size 3, 5, 10 & 12 mm diameter
    Disc Size 165 x 8 mm
    Disc Rotation Speed 0 – 2950 RPM
    Wear Track dia. Mean 50 – 100 mm
    Load 5 – 200 N (any steps possible)
    Sliding Speed Range 0 to 10 m/s
    Frictional Force 0 – 200 N
    Wear Measurement 0 – 2000 micrometer (1 µm LC)
    Temperature ambient to 300 deg C
    Power 230V, 50 Hz S phase
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