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  • Four ball test machines ( for EP & Wear tests)
  • Reciprocatory friction monitor
  • Tapping Torque test m/c
  • Low Temperature torque test rig
  • Shear stability tester
  • Journal Bearing fatigue test rig
  • Multi-Specimen test m/c
  • Dry Abrasion test m/c
  • Scratch tester
  • Automated HFRR: High Frequency Reciprocating test rig  (ASTM D6079)
  • Air jet Erosion tester
  • Pn-on-Vee block test m/c
  • Panel Coking apparatus
  • Slurry abrasion test m/c
  • Pin on disc test Tribometer
  • High Temperature Pin on disc tribometer
  • 2-place HFRR High Frequency reciprocating test rig
  • Rubber wheel Abrader
  • Friction & Wear monitor
  • OFT: Oscillation Friction & Wear test Rig   (ASTM D5706, D5707)
  • Bearing Fatigue test rig
  • Reichert type test m/c
  • Timken type test machine
  • Heart tissue research test rig
  • Oscilatory Shaft tribotester (for synthetic bearings friction N wear tests)
  • 2 place Motorized, ASTM Grease working machine
  • Water erosion test rig
  • Penetrometer
  • Surgical Implants test rig   (ISO )
  • Test Specimen
  • We specialize in custom fabrication of any type of friction n wear test rig
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ISO 450 Diesel Fuel-Assessment of lubricity using the High Frequency reciprocating test rig,ISO 12156-1 1997 Diesel Fuel-Assessment of lubricity using the High Frequency reciprocating test ,rig EN 590 1999 Fuels- Diesel requirements & test procedures,ASTM D5706 Standard Test Method for Determining Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubricating Greases Using a High-Frequency Linear-Oscillation Test Machine,
ASTM D5707 Standard Test Method for Measuring Friction and Wear Properties of Lubricating Grease using a High-Frequency Linear-Oscillation Test Machine,DIN 51834-1&2 Tribological tests in the translatory oscillation apparatus Part 1&2 Determination of friction and wear data for lubricating oils,
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